About Us

a brief history

The North Westside Communities Association (NWCA) started out as The Killiney Beach Community Association in the early seventies. These folks were responsible for constructing the Killiney Beach Hall, the fire hall and library. Their efforts were supported by individuals and groups, including the Killiney Beach Seniors Association.

Eventually the Killiney Beach Community Association was changed to the North Westside Communities Association to encompass all the communities that fall within our fire protection area.

In 2012 the NCWA was named beneficiary owners of the hall, library and portions of the fire hall. A plebiscite was held to request a portion of the tax base from North Westside property owners be devoted to covering the cost of operating these facilities. The NWCA presently receives a 2% mill rate, which covers the annual operating costs of these facilities.

In September 2020 the NWCA reorganized its operating structure to better serve our Communities. The eight Directors were given the opportunity to chair areas that would enable the Association to bring about positive results in the growth of our area.

Current Board Volunteers

Callie Simpson – President
Karin Rosin – Secretary
Alicia Hudson – Director of Facilities Management
Jason Satterwaite – Director of Community Park Development
Camille Steele – Director of Facilities Maintenance
Tanaya Carlson – Community Events Director
Andrea Kveton – Library Director
Christina Seitz – Communications Director

Our Association has a mandate to:

  • Advocate for and represent the residents of our communities on issues within the Regional District of the Central Okanagan.
  • To do all acts necessary or desirable for the benefit of the members of the community residing within the same physical boundaries as those of the North Westside Fire Rescue Department.
  • To maintain and administer the operations of the Killiney Beach Community Hall and Annex for the benefit of the Community.

Thank you  to all past, present and future volunteers. Your countless volunteer hours are so greatly appreciated. We look forward to working together in creating a fully self-sustained community of the future.