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  1. Heino von Osten

    Water bylw – User fee – Not for your comsumption
    The invoice particulary based on my water consumption in the Killiney Beach Area. 0,71% for water-consumption (by water meter) and totaly 448$ for 3 month (basic fee) in 3 month.
    77$ for one cbm fresh water is too much. It’s cheeper to wash my feet with mineral water from the indians grocery shop!
    This system injure the equivalence principle. The monthly fees to 1 cbm water are allways different. The victims, they consumed a few cbm water pays essential more than the owner they used much more water. That is not fair. A punishment for economical consumption.
    This system and bylaw is anlawfull! We need water meter to pay our consumption not only to measure our consumption. Crazy. Complain about this system!

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